Want to know what it’s like to be on the FLSN executive board? Check out the following reflections from some of our 2017-2018 executive board members!

This past year I served as a Careers Chair on the FLSN Executive Board. One of the primary aims of the Food Law Student Network is to facilitate connections between interested students and professionals practicing Food Law. This is especially important for students without a food law society at their own law school. In support of this aim, the Careers Chair searches for and organizes potential internships and professional opportunities to distribute across the network. As a niche practice area, this often involves fostering new connections and networks where none existed before. I really enjoyed the chance to learn more about the wide-range of possible careers paths for foodies with a legal education! – Zoe Grant, Careers Co-Chair

Serving on the FLSN Executive Committee was a valuable opportunity to engage with students, faculty, and practitioners dedicated to food law and policy issues nationwide. In particular, working on the Careers Committee enabled me to develop and disseminate resources for students interested in pursuing careers in food law and policy. – Eliza Pan, Careers Co-Chair

Being on the FLSN Executive Board was an invaluable experience.  This year, I served as the Careers Co-Chair alongside Zoe Grant and Eliza Pan.  Serving on the Executive Board helped to connect me to other students who shared a passion for food and agricultural law and policy and who wanted to share opportunities with other law students across the nation.  Being a Careers Co-Chair broadened my understanding of the diverse career opportunities there are for law students to pursue. – Mallory Neumann, Careers Co-Chair

What is better than serving on a board with people who are as passionate about food as you are?  Being on the FLSN executive board not only gave me a space to nerd out with others about food topics, but it also helped diversify my ideas about what food law is actually comprised of as a whole. From CAFOs to restaurant employment issues, food law is a a vast subject area. Getting to help create resources for others to experience the wealth of knowledge this group of people have was something I could not have done anywhere else. – Kristina Ellis, Communication Co-Chair

It has been exciting to be a part of this young organization filled with idealistic and impassioned future food lawyers. Though we all come together around our shared interest in this emerging field of law, the organization is young and in many ways still trying to find its purpose. Though this can be frustrating to some, I found it exciting. We have been able to connect people at different law schools throughout North America around a common interest, and it’s exciting to work with the other board members as we try to use this network to bring positive change to the food system. – Seth Gitner, Student Orgs Co-Chair


Being a member of the FLSN board was an awesome experience. I was able to connect with students who worked with outside organizations on their research projects, helping those students gain experience in food law and build valuable professional relationships. The other members of the board were also great to work with. I knew I could reach out to any of them for feedback on my work as a Projects Chair, or just to pick their brains about the work they are doing at their respective schools. I enjoyed my time on the board, and am proud to have been a representative for food law students. – Hannah Catt, Projects Co-Chair


Being on the FLSN board has been an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to work with so many people from so many different backgrounds. As a Projects Co-Chair I worked on the Farm Bill Project. We did research so the Harvard Food Law Policy Clinic and other groups could assemble recommendations for lawmakers. As part of the FLSN board, I gave input on Summit planning and created an entirely new project, which will assist FLSN members in changing their university’s procurement policies. It has been an incredible year and I am so happy that I had the chance to work with such an amazing group of people.- Sarah Luther, Projects Co-Chair

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